Star Trek Discovery S4, Episode 5: Respect his agency!

John E. Price
2 min readJan 3, 2022

The DMA is back and uh-oh it’s man-made!!!

Well, that was something.

NuTrek is obsessed with galaxy-destroying events. It’s boring. The DMA is boring. No plot twist can save it. Name-dropping Iconians, the Metrons, or Q can’t save it. Not even a guest spot by Sadavir Errinwright dropping hilarious one-liners and making Saru scream can save it. So after two mediocre-is-good weeks, here we are — back to square one with this atrocious trainwreck show.

Sometimes it takes a few monsters to get back on track.

There’s a planet about to be destroyed and some people on the planet and only Michael Burnham can save them. It’s about as generic as an STD plot gets, and it plays out as such. Errinwright’s character is blandly mysterious and sinister. The science is over-jargoned and intangible. And the themes are ham-fisted and blunt. Even Jett Reno (finally!!!!) seems to be phoning it in. To be clear, this episode is boring and nonsensical drivel.

Sorry, non-Burnham, you don’t get to save the day.

In one moment of potential, the bridge officer with the same name as the other bridge officer takes command of the evacuation… and is never seen on-screen the rest of the episode. Bold choice, STD. Literal erasure.

So what have we learned so far this season? DMA episodes bad, non-DMA episodes less bad.

Also, the ship’s computer is sentient and has emotions now. lol.

And why is David Cronenberg on this show, again? Does anyone have an answer?

Oh, right, that’s why.
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